1. This is not a contract work.

2. This is supervision work at 10% of total cost (this includes site supervising charge, remuneration to supervising employee appointed by this firm and conveyance charge).

3. Supervision charges must be paid in 5 stages

Site inspection charge – 1000/-

Stage 1 foundations basement
Stage 2 lintel heights
Stage 3 Main slab
Stage 4 plastering
Stage 5 finishing

4. Changes or modifications, additions and any kind of changes will not be allowed on the designed plan without the permission of the consulting engineer of this firm. In the event of any change approved by the consulting engineer, the required charges will have to be paid by the owner.

5. The responsibility of carrying and supplying building materials in accordance with the requirements of constructions is with the owner of the building.

6. There should be proper supply of electric current for the construction of the building at the site.

7. The owner should pay the remuneration to the workers in time and they should be brought to the site and the owner should see that they work to the satisfaction of consulting engineer.

8. Required quantity of water for construction work should be supplied at the site by the owner.

9. Accommodation facility must be arranged by owner for labours if needed.

10. If there is any increase in the estimated cost of materials, owner shall pay such amount also.

11. This firm has only the responsibility of supervision and as such any delay, fault or excess expenditure or loss caused due to other factors do not come under the responsibility of the firm and the owner shall be fully responsible for all such factors.

12. The owner should pay supervision charges as and when demanded by the firm and this firm will not be responsible for any delay or stopping of the work and supervision, in the event of any financial or other problems on the part of the owner.

13. In the event of stopping of work due to any fault or negligence on the part of the owner, the full amount of the supervision charge should be paid by the owner before the time stipulated by this firm.

14. There is any delay of work in rainy season we are not responsible for the time schedule of work.

15. The jurisdiction will be Parappanangadi.

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